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Fish Seafood Deli recently helped sponsor two local 5th year students from Mt. St. Michael’s Secondary Rosscarbery who took part in a volunteer programme in Projects Abroad in Sri Lanka in June this year. Here is their report – it’s wonderful to see these young students giving back to the larger community!

My name is Sana Gordon. I am a 16 year old student at Mt St Michael, Rosscarbery, and will be going into 5th year in September. My friend Fia Kelly and I took part in a volunteer programme with Projects Abroad in June this year. We chose to do a two week care and community programme in Sri Lanka. Once we arrived I was struck by the beauty of the country and the heat. There were 8 other volunteers from a variety of countries and we all lived together in an apartment near the school we were to work in. Living this way meant that we shopped, went to the laundrette and got to know more people locally. Our meals were made for us by a family across the road from our apartment, and we all enjoyed being included in a Sri Lankan family home during mealtimes and eating local food. I learned so much about the Sri Lankan culture and people.

Our project was to work in the Sadae Pre School in Kolonnawa for two weeks. We spent our mornings doing various activities with the children, such as teaching them the alphabet and singing songs as well as playing around with arts and crafts projects. For the afternoons we painted a mural on the outside wall of the school to make it look more welcoming. We involved the children in painting parts of the mural and it was so rewarding to see how excited they were with the finished wall. It was very interesting to see how different life was there and having been completely immersed into the culture made it even clearer. As we were the only white people in the area, we got a lot of stares from people. While we were painting outside people would often stop and call out and try to take pictures of us. Another day one of the teachers at the school pointed to my arm and indicated that it needed washing. She had never seen freckles before and thought it was paint. The school children and teachers were extremely friendly and welcoming as were the other volunteers and our coordinators. It was such an eye opening experience that I know will stay with me forever and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about taking part in something like this to do it! Projects abroad were incredibly helpful and cared about each one of their volunteers. Further information can be found on

Our entire trip would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We would like to thank them all.

Well Done Girls! Nice to see our t-shirts travelling the world! 😉




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