West Cork Times March Article

We took Fish Seafood Deli on the road last week; as part of our company ethos we try to spread the message of the benefits of eating fish; from time to time we pay visits to local schools showing the children a variety of species and making the experience a bit of fun. This year we paid a visit to Cubs & Scouts from 102nd Kilbrittain Branch, this was a novel and fun day. We brought whole fish and showed the scouts how to skin, bone and fillet. For us, this is a fun way to get our message across and the children are always more open to tasting and trying to eat fish. The children were fascinated with the filleting process and two of the scouts even tasted a fish eye, not something that I would recommend to everyone!! The scouts then went on to build a fire; not an easy process when there was a torrential downpour and cooked the fish fillets on the open fire. I can proudly say that every cub and scout filleted, cooked and ate fish that day and I was even presented with a neckerchief, does this make me an honorary Scout?? Our goal for these sessions is to educate in the hope they’ll continue to eat fish and maybe even ask for fish for dinner more often.

We’ve also been busy in the kitchen over the past while thinking up new recipes and dishes to add to our grab and go line of cooked products, so keep an eye on us for some exciting developments in the coming months.

It’s great to see the beginnings of Spring and to what will hopefully be a busy season for residents and businesses of West Cork.

Happy Easter.

West Cork Times February Article

Phew, what a week it’s been! We had official launch of our new shop in Clonakilty on Monday night by Minister Simon Coveney. It was a great honour to welcome Minister Coveney, as he also opened our shop in Rosscarbery in July 2011.   We had a really enjoyable evening with local business and loyal customers dropping in to wish us well.   The Minister was very encouraging and complimentary on the hard work that it has taken to get to this stage, so now we need to focus on making this new stage in our business a success. In the past few months we have been overwhelmed by the complimentary feedback from our customers.

This week was also Ash Wednesday and while it is great to see more people eating fish on this day, it would be brilliant if we could encourage people to try and incorporate fish into their weekly menu planning, as they realise the health benefits and how easy fish is to cook with.   We’re sharing a quick and easy Monkfish Thai Curry this month, if you’re short on time like we were this week, then it’s a handy recipe to have on standby. Perfect Friday food…..quick and very tasty.

See our recipe for Monkfish Thai Curry

West Cork Times January Article

A New Year, January is always a torrid time for fishermen and for us in the fish retail business. The availability of fish is a consistent issue across the year with weather, seasons and quotas all affecting availability of wild caught species. So with all this in mind, your urge to have fresh hake or cod may not be as easy as hoped.   However low resources doesn’t mean you have to compromise your New Year’s health kick. Fish plays an important role in healthy eating as its lean source of protein for those who wish for a low carb diet.   It is always a good idea to stock up your freezer to ensure you have a healthy protein to add to stir frys and curries. Try out our quick and easy Baked Hake recipe below, developed by our in-house chef Elaine.

You may be familiar with our Deli’s in Rosscarbery & Clonakilty so we thought this was a good opportunity to introduce you to the faces behind our mobile units. Our mobile units cover Cork and surrounding areas Monday to Friday delivering fresh fish from the boats of Union Hall, Baltimore and Kinsale. We also offering a large range of cooked produce; Fish Cakes, Fish Pies, Seafood Pasta Bakes and also options for non-fish lovers produced daily by our in-house chef Elaine.    Our mobile crew have a difficult job working in all kinds of weather conditions (I’m sure you’ll agree especially this time of year, not so bad when their enjoying the west cork sun!) Keep an eye out for our nautical themed vans.

Richard Harrison lives in nearby Union Hall, a keen sailor who loves the sea.   Richard is knowledgeable and passionate about fishing who is also an avid cook so ensure you ask his advice on cooking methods or fish specials.

Cian O’Mahony is a local man from Rosscarbery who recently joined us; Cian is working hard on building and expanding his role.

Nigel Salter, from Dunmanway.  Nigel looks after the wholesale side of the business, servicing our hotels & restaurants and is keen to expand and grow this business

So wherever you are in Cork, you can be sure if there is fresh fish available, then we have it. Call to us in Rosscarbery, Clonakilty or one of our mobile units is more than likely near you. Give us a call today!

See our recipe for Baked Haked with Capers and Lemon

West Cork Times December Article

What a few weeks it’s been since I last sat down to write this post, we appeared on RTE 1 Taste of Success cookery program & opened our new premises in Clonakilty. The show was filmed early in the summer so it has been difficult keeping it a secret for so long! It was a fantastic experience to showcase our fish cakes.   These fish cakes had humble beginnings in our kitchen where we were experimenting with options for the fish shop and it was with great pride to showcase them to celebrity chefs Paul O’Flynn & Martin Shanahan.   As you may have seen I was selected as one of finalist’s from Munster and went on to cook in the Tannery in quarter finals, however that’s where my journey ended. However not without causing a little friction between Paul & Martin over seasoning. It was fantastic exposure for the fish cakes & for our shops, so I hope to see more of all of you calling to try our “famous” fish cakes and take the opportunity to talk to us and our staff and try out some fresh fish also. One of our passions is to get more people eating fresh fish and we’d love to use this platform to get this message out there.

So as well as enjoying my new found fame (!) we opened a new shop in Ashe Street Clonakilty this week. This has been a dream of ours for some time so when a great location came up we had to jump at it. The welcome we’ve received from the businesses and customers has been most generous and we hope to have a long and successful future here.   It’s been a challenging few weeks getting the new shop ready but I hope you agree it’s worth it. The shop is more than a fish shop, we stock local artisan producers; Toonsbridge cheese, Real Olive Oil co products, Sushi, daily freshly cooked Arbutus breads to name but a few. We hope to add to these products over the coming months.

So I can’t share my famous fish cake recipe with you but potato cakes are absolutely delicious and a great way of using up some leftover mashed potatoes. This is a useful recipe to keep close especially around the Christmas season when Smoked Salmon is a must for everybody’s shopping list. Smoked salmon can also be served simply with homemade brown bread but this is a nice treat or an easy starter. Have a look at the recipe here!

Happy Christmas & Peaceful New Year – thanks for all your continued support!

New Location – Clonakilty!

Exciting news! We opened a new location today in 42, Ashe Street, Clonakilty, West Cork!
We can’t to see you all in our new deli!




West Cork Times November Article

When West Cork Times asked us to write a series of articles about fish and the process of running a small food business in West Cork, we were so excited to be given the chance to share our message as this gave us the opportunity to share the word about fresh fish.   I imagine they asked us to write this because we are passionate about fish and this is a great way to connect with people who share our love of seafood.   Over the next few months we aim to give you an insight in our growing seafood business, inform people about fish and share some quick and tasty seafood recipes.

We are a relatively new business and have only been in operation since 2011, but we have an extensive background in fishing & fishing trawlers. It’s been an exciting & challenging time to grow a business in West Cork, you may know us from our store in Rosscarbery & soon to open store in Clonakilty (more on this in next edition) or from our mobile units which service West Cork & Cork City with our seafood products.   Quality & freshness are key pillars of our business model.   All our fish is landed in the local fishing ports of Union Hall and Baltimore. No matter what kind of fish you prefer, if you live anywhere near the coast, you’ll want to check out your local fishmonger: everything tastes better when it’s fresh, and fish is no exception. We can also answer all kinds of questions about fish, to help you make the most healthy and sustainable choices.

So with the wind raging outside and the rain battering the windows I find that I’m eager to welcome all that winter has to offer. As along with the change in season comes an excuse to indulge in quintessential comfort foods; a good fish pie is one of the best ways to feed a family. So try this Fish Pie recipe and it will soon become a family favourite.

Eat More Fish!

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