West Cork Times March Article

We took Fish Seafood Deli on the road last week; as part of our company ethos we try to spread the message of the benefits of eating fish; from time to time we pay visits to local schools showing the children a variety of species and making the experience a bit of fun. This year we paid a visit to Cubs & Scouts from 102nd Kilbrittain Branch, this was a novel and fun day. We brought whole fish and showed the scouts how to skin, bone and fillet. For us, this is a fun way to get our message across and the children are always more open to tasting and trying to eat fish. The children were fascinated with the filleting process and two of the scouts even tasted a fish eye, not something that I would recommend to everyone!! The scouts then went on to build a fire; not an easy process when there was a torrential downpour and cooked the fish fillets on the open fire. I can proudly say that every cub and scout filleted, cooked and ate fish that day and I was even presented with a neckerchief, does this make me an honorary Scout?? Our goal for these sessions is to educate in the hope they’ll continue to eat fish and maybe even ask for fish for dinner more often.

We’ve also been busy in the kitchen over the past while thinking up new recipes and dishes to add to our grab and go line of cooked products, so keep an eye on us for some exciting developments in the coming months.

It’s great to see the beginnings of Spring and to what will hopefully be a busy season for residents and businesses of West Cork.

Happy Easter.